The Weather for the British is one of the most talked about subjects. The only thing you can say for sure about the British weather is that it is totally unpredictable.
There are a few generalisations.

Summertime in London
The summers in London can actually be very nice indeed. Personally I think this is the best time of year to visit the nation’s capital, not just because it is warmer but also because the hours of sunlight are very high. During the summer months of June to August you can expect it to be bright at 4am and still bright at 9pm. This makes going out much easier and feels a lot safer then in the winter months.

Wintertime in London
Winters in London are harsh. Don’t just judge the the temperature by the Celsius scale. I’ve often heard people from countries like Canada complain about how much cold London and the whole of the UK feel in relation to what the various weather channels are telling them. The air in the UK is very damp and and the winds can be bitterly cold. If you are visiting London in the winter then you should wrap up warm. Bring with you hats, gloves, scarves, etc If you do not have these items they can all be purchased very cheaply in the various 99p and Pound shops in the UK and most are very good quality, especially those which feature additions like Thinsulate by 3M.