Once you want to travel outside of London by train you need to travel on the national rail network. In the UK the rail system has been privatised and the rights to run trains along various train lines has been sold to different companies.

The system for buying trains tickets on the national railways is often both tedious and complicated.

Usually the best way to purchase a ticket is online. All the major train companies offer discounts for tickets when bought well in advance. The earlier you buy a ticket, the more you will save. To get the best deals you’re looking at buying tickets upto 2 months in advance. Also in many cases it’s cheaper to buy to single tickets then a return ticket. Occasional it’s also cheaper to buy individual tickets for the places the train stops along the way

All the various train companies have different models of trains. The newest models will have facilities such as power points for charging mobile phones and powering laptops, whilst older trains will not.

Finding somewhere to store large luggage may also be a problem on some trains – espacially during busy periods. All trains have overhead shelves to store things but they’re not usually very deep so the space available is very limited.

National Express
National Express is best known in the UK as a coach company. However in recent years National Express has started running a train service. One of the things that sets National Express apart from other companies is that at the time of writing they offered totally free WiFi internet access on board their trains.

Virgin Trains
Virgin is part of the well known Virgn group of companies (including Virgin Atlantic airline) they offer rail travel on high speed trains. Their trains are well known for their ability to tilt around corners which means they can take turns at a higher speed and thus reduce journy times.