The London Eye is one of the largest observations wheels in the world. Originally built to be a temporary attraction it proved to be so popular that it is now a permanent feature on the London Skyline. When the London eye was first opened it used to take around 40 minutes to go all the way around, but in recent times they have sped up the wheel so you now get around 30 minutes, The wheel does not stop turning, people get on and off the ride. The exception is if there are people in your capsule that are in wheelchairs, then the staff at the London Eye will stop the ride and allow wheelchair suers to get on and off.

Can Wheelchairs users get on the London Eye?
Yes there can, the staff will guide you to a special part to allow you to get on and off and stop the ride. The only issue you may face is that the ramp to get on the London eye is pretty steep. You will either need very strong arms or help being pushed up the steep ramp.