The following is a list of well known UK stores.

Argos is a very well known company in the UK. They sell all their items in a catalouge. If you want to buy an item from one of their stores you need to look up the item number, wite it down on a piece of paper and take it to the till to pay.

B&Q is a well known chain of DIY stores They sell all the major items you would need to make improvements to your house, such as cement, wood, bathroom fitting, garden furniture, etc.

Toys-R-us are a well known store for selling children’s toys. They also sell computer and TV’s so it is often worth keeping an eye on them for the occassional non toy related bargain.

Woolworth was a very well known shop on the UK high streets. However in 2008 after 99 years in business the stores closed down to poor sales.

PC World
PC World is the UK’s biggest chain of stores specilising inthe sale of all things computer related. They also sell TV’s and game consoles.

Maplins is a national chain of stores that sells small electronic items.