Employment Agencies / Job Recruitment Firms are a huge part of the key to success of finding a job in London.

Often the way they work is pretty simple. Employers go to them looking to hire staff, the agency tries to fill that void and for their troubles charge a fee, often as much as 30% of your wages. There have been instances where job recruitment firms have been found to be earning more per hour then the person actually doing the work. This is much more likely to happen at the lower end of the job scale.

One of the keys to success for most employment agencies is secrecy. They will often try to put up a barrier between yourselves and the employer as much as possible to stop the employer being able to contact yourself directly. Most of the time you will get a phone

How do job recruitment agencies work?

There are often three possible ways

  • The employer wants a permanent member of staff – for which the job recruitment firm will find several suitable matches and then send the employer a copy of their CV’s minus contact details so the employer cannot contact you directly without going through the agency.
  • The employer wants to hire a temporary member of staff