Banks in the UK
The UK is well known for it’s banking system. Banks employ hundreds of thousands of staff in the UK. Choosing the right bank for your needs can often save you a lot of time and hassle.

HSBC (Hong Kong & Shang Hi Bank) is often good for travellers.

Nationwide Building Society
The Nationwide is actually not a bank. It provides the same facilities as mostbanks, however with some key differences.

For people that like to travel choosing the Nationwide as your place to bank may be a good decision as at the time of writing they were the only major high street banking group to not charge any commission on currency exchange or withdrawls from cash machines when abroad. Most banks have a hidden fee which they simply incorporate into their exchange rates. This can be as high as 3%. Also most banks have a set fee per transaction when withdrawing money from cash machines when you are abroad. The nationwide does not charge such as fee and thus it means when you travel abroad you can take out