Opening a Back Account in London

Having to deal with banks in the UK can be a time consuming and difficult experience.
Even people that were born and grew up in the UK can often find high street bank staff are simply not very helpful or knowledgeable. In particular opening a Business Bank account in the UK can be very hit and miss depending on the particular member of staff.

Our advice would be to seek out the various online options first of all and see if you are able to open a bank account online. The UK has embraced the internet more so then just about any nation on earth, some say even more then the USA. Poor in person customer service is one major reason people in the UK have turned to the internet. Where as the USA is famous for it’s “Have a Nice Day” style customer service the UK lags far behind and banking staff are not really known for their friendly customer service. We’d strongly suggest avoiding a lot of the hassle of having to deal with high street banks and seek out online options, just make sure the bank you choose is based in the UK and comes with the same levels of protection, i.e. that the first £100,000 of you money is protected by the UK government by any possible collapse.


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