Going Out in London on New Years Eve
There are thousands of places to go out in London on New Years Eve (31st December 2013)

This is probably the busiest night of year when over 2 million people in London decide to all go out on the same evening.

This causes a lot of congestion on London’s Underground Tube Train network and also London buses.
We would advise you to take a tube train rather then a bus if you need to get somewhere on time on New Years Eve. Many roads which are normally opened will be closed for New Years and there will be a lot of extra traffic in London. The average speed of traffic in central London is around 6 mph (miles per hour) on a regular day, so come New Years Eve you can expect traffic to be even slower.

There are many places to go in London on New Years Eve. Most nightclubs charge around £20 to £40 to get in on NYE. One popular thing to do on New Years Eve is to go down to the London Eye and see the fireworks display. The London Eye has become the focus for most New Years Eve fireworks in London for several years now. Generally speaking there are around 180,000 places to stand in the official viewing areas but about 700,000 people trying to get a place.

The Truth About Watching The Fireworks in London on New Years Eve
Watching the fireworks in London on NYE for most people is a totally different experience in real life then it appears on television. On TV the various television companies have special cameras setup in locations all over London. These cameras will show you a view of the fireworks from a location you cannot normally get to, such as from a private building, a London skyscraper or a helicopter. The truth is that for most people in order to get a view of the London New Years Eve fireworks at all you’re going to have to come early and get a good spot. By early we mean that you will have to get close to the London Eye at around 7pm or 8pm at the very latest and be prepared to spend 4 to 5 hours in the cold. Other spots to watch the fireworks in London are from the various bridges near the London Eye, such as Waterloo Bridge. Once these bridges are full the police will close them off to avoid people getting crushed or from the bridges becoming overloaded with people. Be aware that the temperatures on the various London Bridges is extremely cold. You have the cold air coming off of the freezing cold water from the River Thames, plus you have bitterly cold winds blowing right through the open bridges. If you do want to see the fireworks in London on New Years Eve then you will need to get to the various locations early and you will have to wrap up very warmly. You should wear hats, gloves, scarves at a bare minimum, if you do not have these items you can buy them all at 99p and £1 stores throughout London. Ever since the downturn in the economy going out to London to see the fireworks on new years has become a cheaper alternative then going to an expensive nightclub, which means it’s even more crowded then ever.

The Real View of The Fireworks in London on New Years Eve
If you can get to any of the bridges or areas opposite the London Eye for New Years Eve then your view of the fireworks will be limited at best. London is a densely crowded city and you can be sure there is likely to be a building in your way. See the videos we have uploaded below of previous New Years Eve Fireworks that we’ve been to in London, and then compare that to the video that is played on people’s TV screens around the world. The view is very different.

Video of The Fireworks in London on New Years Eve at the London Eye

Finding Cheap Accommodation in London for New Years Eve
Trying to find a cheap place to stay in London on any given day is hard enough but as with many cities around the world, people do make a special trip to London to spend New Years in the city.Finding a hostel in London is normally quite easy but on New Years Eve places fill up quite quickly, also many hostels impose a minimum number of nights stay, for example the Generator Hostel in Kings Cross for 2013 has imposed a 5 day minimum stay, in previous years this had been 3 days and before that just 1 night.


Special Events Taking Place at New Years in London

Buttoned Down Disco – Party in Camden on 30th Dec 2013
This special event has been taking place in London for over 8 years. Quite simply it’s a party that takes place in London the day before New Years Eve (30th December). For the organisers they’re able to hire a venue much more easily then they could the following day, but for visitors to London


New Years Eve in London Facebook Group
Looking for some ideas of what to do over New years Eve in London then see the following group on Facebook.


The weather on NYE in London
The only thing you can be certain of is it will be very cold, for the last few years we’ve been lucky and it’s not rained in central London on NYE (at least where we were located) but for sure it will be cold.

Today 08/22 0%
Generally cloudy. Warm. High near 25C. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 km/h.
Tomorrow 08/23 20%
Cloudy. High 23C. Winds SW at 15 to 30 km/h.
Mostly Cloudy
Thursday 08/24 10%
Mostly Cloudy
Partly cloudy skies in the morning will give way to cloudy skies during the afternoon. High 22C. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 km/h.