There are thousands of bars in London. Themed to suit every taste from commercial bars to those styled in a gothic theme. Bars in London tend to be noisey places where you often have to shout to be heard. Some would say by making people shout they are encouraged to buy more drink. Food in most bars tends to be nothing too special.

During the day most bars will be glad for the cliental but during the evening expect them to be more picky about who they let in. The wrong clothes or shoes are reason enough to not let you in.

Below is a summary of some chains of Bars in London.

Belushi’s is a chain of bars that is usually conbine with a hostel. There are several in London.

Walkabout Inn
The walkabout Inn chain of bars are an Australian themed chain. They serve a variety of food, including kangaroo burgers. The also have a loyalty card known as the Boomerang Card which you can buy over the bar for £3 and gives 25% of all food and drink purchases.