London has one of the highest percentage of singles in the entire UK. There are hundreds of thousands of people in London looking for that special someone, and yet it’s probably one of the hardest place in the world to meet people. Forget chat-up lines most London bars play their music so loud you’ll never stand a chance of pulling off a chat up line and being heard. There are however several dating events organised in the city – most of these by online social websites based in London.
Meetup has several London based dating groups. Most meetup events take place once a month and usually are run by an independent group organiser. Most organisers run the event for fun rather then profi but some do ask members to chip in to cover the monthly costs incured from being the group’s organiser.

20’s and 30’s Singles in London
This is a facebook group which organises various events in London that although not specially aimed atonly single people can provide a good way to meet new people and make new friends.

SnogLondon is a dating site that concentrates on singles in London. They also Have sister sites for Vegetarians, over 50’s, Single Parents, etc.