The UK is famed for it’s inventiveness.  It is widly recognised throughout the world that some of the most useful inventions to have been created originated in the UK. London has a few inventors clubs for those interested in inventions, patents and simply learning more about the inventing process.

East London Inventors Club
Based at the University of East London. This club has been in operation for many years offering help and support to all would be inventors.

Croydon Inventors Club
Run by independant inventors from the south of London, this club is well known for it’s practical hands on approach to helping inventors

Kingston Inventors Club

Based at the University of Kingston Upon Thames this is one of London’s newst inventors clubs, but with access to the resources of the University they are able to offer a lot of  help to inventors, espacially those wishing to create a company to make and market their inventions.

Ideas 21
Ideas 21 is based at the UK Intulettucial Property Office