Every year thousands of people come to London with the goal of improving their spoken and listening skills in English. They need people to practice with and opportunities to meet native speakers. This event has been set up to help bring together both native English Speakers and those learning.

If you’re looking to improve your English or looking to meet people from abroad and help them with their English join this Event.

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This will be our first English Language Practice Event in central London. So we plan to keep things pretty informal.

The meetups are just like any other, but with more activities designed to get people talking and interacting and more efforts being put into finding venues that are quiet enough to hold a conversation.

We plan the evening to be very social and allow people time to socialise and mix and mingle, but we’d also like to introduce some friendly games to the event such as below. Please note we expect everyone attending to take part in the games so only come if you’re prepared to join in.


On the Flip Side – People will have the name of something or someone famous written on a sticker and stuck on their backs so they can’t see what is written. E.g. Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, Eiffel Tower, etc

Each person will then have to go around the room, meeting and talking to people asking questions to find out what is written on their backs. The questions can only be answered with YES or NO.

You can ask each person you meet 3 questions before you have to move on to someone new. When a person’s identity is discovered, they can continue answering questions for the others.

The venue has some terrific food on offer. we suggest that those that want to eat come a little earlier and treat themselves to the Italian Food being served.

8pm – Meet Downstairs in Bar (mix and Mingle)

9pm – Party Game – On the Flip Side

10pm – Relax and Chat to People