is one of the very best websites out there for buying just about anything.

I’d heard they make returns easy but until now after many years of using the site I’d never had to return anything.

Then I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 inch which stated clearly on the that it has an Infa-red port (also known as an IR-Blaster) when the unit arrived it had no such port.

I thought returning the item would be easy .. and Amazon do a pretty good job in creating online labels, etc .. what they do not make clear as day is that the British Office Office do not accept the first label they give you which is for a system called Collect+.

Collect+ appears to be a network of shops around the UK where you can pick up or drop off packages. There is a collect+ website which is supposed to help you to locate your nearest collection or drop off point. However in practise I found the website (at least on a mobile phone) a nightmare to use. Whats more I drove to what appeared to be the nearest Collection+ location in Pinner, Harrow. And Could not find the place anywhere. I even parked my car nearby and walk and walked trying to find the place and in the end had to give up and go home.

I’ll have to try and find another location tomorrow, but for now I’m pretty disappointed with the fact Amazon do not make it clear that the package doesn’t go to the post office. The staff at the postoffice in Pinner said they have many people taking them packages for Amazon and they have to turn them away. ¬†Whats more the staff do not know where to direct people to. Amazon have obviously done a pretty bad job of not informing the first time returner the exact procedure for returns.